Park Upgrades

Hinge Park and Creekside are getting upgrades this summer. Beyond that, we have improvements to the seawall and a Creekside extension to look forward to in the future.

Hinge Park


  • new swings
  • sand play area
  • ready May 2017

Creekside Park Playground

Creekside Park New Playground

  • play tower
  • zip line
  • basket swing
  • climbing wall
  • ready May 2017

The Creek


  • unnamed park south of Science World
  • 2.7 acre public park
  • once Navio at the Creek development east of Olympic Village is done
  • fall 2018?

Creekside Park Extension


  • under design in 2017
  • 22.8 acres
  • tied to demolition of viaducts
  • probably not until 2024

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I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.
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