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Compost It
Organics have been banned from landfills since January 1st and the 6-month grace period ends today. Metro Vancouver apartments, condos face fines for food scraps on July 1.

Last I checked, our building still does not have a separate bin for collecting organic waste, so I emailed SUCCESS to find out when we could expect one. Here’s the reply I got from Chris Kean.

Due to the overwhelming number of businesses who have been tardy on implementation (us included), the food scrap bins have been ordered before the July 1st deadline, however due to backlog and last minute rush, we don’t expect the bins to arrive until mid-July and are awaiting a confirmation of delivery and install from the food scraps hauler. In the meantime, unfortunately, you would need to throw the food scraps in the garbage, or keep them in a container in your freezer (to keep them from stinking/rotting) and dispose of them once the bins are in place.


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