Don’t Drink the Toilet Water

Non Potable Toilet Water
The toilets have been finally switched to use rain water. All the buildings in The Village were designed to use harvested rain water to flush the toilets, but the system has been turned off until today. Now we can flush knowing we’re conserving water.

From the information sheet handed out today:

Why is the water in my toilet discoloured, dirty looking and smells? As the water used in the toilets comes from harvested rain, it may contain particulates too small for the filtration system to catch, but are deemed safe. There will be periods, such as after a rainfall, that colour and smell are more noticeable.


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One Response to Don’t Drink the Toilet Water

  1. vivmac2013 says:

    I thought it was just my cold was making me see thing put it is bad, but things charge all the time.

    Take CareV.E.MacArthur

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