Vancouver False Creek All Candidates Meeting

Wednesday April 24, 7:00pm – 9:30 pm
Creekside Community Centre

Sam Sullivan, BC Liberals
Matt Toner, BC NDP
Daniel Tseghay, Green Party
James Filipelli, Your Political Party
Salvatore J Vetro, BC First Party


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I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.
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One Response to Vancouver False Creek All Candidates Meeting

  1. I missed the first hour, so I would be interested in hearing what other people thought of the candidates. From what I saw, every candidate had questions they answered well and ones they struggled on. No one stood out for me.

    Sam Sullivan – his best answers were ones he disagreed with official Liberal policy on . He’s certainly a maverick and refuses to tow the party line. If he’s elected, it will be interesting to see how that works for him.
    Matt Toner – connected most with his stinging rebukes of PavCo, which were certainly a crowd pleaser. I think he tended to answer questions with vague answers, but I did like his responses to the questions about health care and the environment.
    Others – James Flippelli stood out the most for me. I was impressed with his passion and how well he spoke. His answer about marijuna reform was one of the best I’ve heard.
    Daniel Tseghay of the Green Party was a no show. I’m not sure why.

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