Salt Building Brew Pub Restrictions

Salt Building
craft brew pubA development permit has been granted to the Craft Beer Market to develop the Salt Building into a restaurant. The decision made by the by the Director of Planning has a number of restrictions to appease residents concerned about noise, including zoning the space as a restaurant instead of a brew pub (liquor primary). I’m interested to hear what people think of the new restrictions.

The restrictions are listed below, or you can view the original PDF.

  1. the second floor outdoor patio seating is to be removed;
  2. the outdoor patio facing West 1st Avenue is to be removed;
  3. the total outdoor patio seating is to be reduced from 214 proposed seats to 50 seats and is to be contained underneath the existing canopy facing Walter Hardwick Avenue;
  4. transparent acoustical barriers are to be installed and attached to the canopy at the west and east sides of the outdoor patio;
  5. the outdoor patio seating approval is limited to one year from permit issuance, unless extended in writing by the Director of Planning;
  6. outdoor patio seating operation is to be closed and cleared of all patrons no later than 10:00 p.m. between May 1st and October 31st, and no later than 9:00 p.m. between November 1st and April 30st;
  7. removal of the outdoor bar and cooking facilities;
  8. all access is to be from West 1st Avenue only. No entry or exiting (except for emergency exits and disability access) from Walter Hardwick Avenue;
  9. no amplified music to be played on the patio at any time. In the summer months, if the patio doors are to be open, the music from inside the building must be turned down and adhere to City noise control The operator is responsible for ensuring that noise levels do not negatively impact the surrounding neighbours which the City will continue to monitor;
  10. the interior waiting area is to be increased, to mitigate potential line­ups outside the building;
  11. submission of an operational management plan, to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning, addressing such issues as noise, line-up/crowd control, and loitering;
  12. submission of a contact, to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning available for the neighbours to act as a liaison and be first in line to address/ mitigate problems should they arise; and
  13. submission of a business operation and loading plan, to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Engineering Services, which outlines the hours of operation, the nature of the deliveries, the suppliers and the dimensions of the trucks that they will be using to deliver, and how the garbage and recycling will be handled.

Here’s what the patio was to look like before the restrictions were imposed (sorry about the quality). You can see the 2nd floor patio that is now scrapped.


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