Doggie Do’s and Don’ts

From COHO property manager Earl Huff:

Dear Valued Tenants – 122 Walter Hardwick:
Our neighbours have complained that certain residents of this building have been allowing their pets to urinate and defecate on the park area just south and west of 122 Walter Hardwick.

Please note that by this notice we are not accusing any one of our tenants, we are simply reporting a complaint.

Please refer to section 3(12) of the addendum to your rental agreement:

In consideration of children and others, dog, cat and other animal owners shall not allow their pet to defecate or urinate on common property. Dog owners must take their dogs off-site daily on “walks” to avoid this and cats must be provided with an appropriate litter box in the cat owner’s rental unit.

While the area referred to is not 122 Common Property, it is a City Park and such actions would be a violation of City Bylaws subject to prosecution by the City.

Not cleaning up after a pet demonstrates little consideration for the neighborhood community. The yellowed dying grass is an unsightly indicator betraying certain people’s disregard for a clean community.
Our neighbours are watching and will commence reporting this conduct to the City.
If residents of 122 Walter Hardwick witness dog owners not cleaning up after their pet they are encouraged to;
1. Respectfully remind the pet owner to pick up and dispose responsibly
2. Take pictures (cellphone)
3. Call the City Parks Department to report the activity
There are receptacles throughout the Village. Please be responsible, use these and encourage your neighbours to do the same.

Doggie Do’s And Doggie Don’ts PDF


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2 Responses to Doggie Do’s and Don’ts

  1. kim says:

    As a dog owner who always picks up after her pet, I think it’s great to see this post (as well as the printouts in the lobby and on the elevators). I wonder however if COHO can also connect with the building manager of the condos/apartments on the west side of the park. I have seen pet owners from 122 Walter Hardwick as well as the other building use the grassy space for their dogs to pee/poop. Another thing to consider is signage (no peeing/pooping). Or perhaps even designate a corner of the grassy area as a designated pee area. I think it would be helpful (and I’ve seen this in other cities) to have designated pee areas. Dog urine is particularly toxic to plants and grass. By having a designated, marked space, dog owners would know where the acceptable places are to take their pet.

    • Grumpypm says:

      That little park is a City of Vancouver Park called “Pocket Park.” I think signage would be great but it would have to come from the City.

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