Building a Sustainable Tenant Community Meeting Notes

The first half of tonight’s meeting was devoted to discussing the mysterious newspaper article that someone in the building distributed to everyone’s unit. There’s a lot of facets to this, so bear with me as I try to cover them all.

This seems to have started with a private conflict between two residents at 80 Walter Hardwick, which escalated to the point where the police were called on more than one occasion. The police have never laid charges nor issued restraining orders. When mediation between the two parties failed, COHO decided to separate them and moved one into our building. Earl Huff (our property manager) said he would never move someone into our building if he thought they were dangerous and is confident that there won’t be issues with the individual in our building.

Now, back to the newspaper article and the corresponding written note. The distribution of the article along with the commentary that gave a name and address violates the Human Rights Code (Harassment), the Privacy Act, and the Residential Tenancy Act. A police report has been opened and anyone who wants to share information (if they saw someone distributing the note) they can contact the police.

During the meeting, people discussed what they thought of the note. Some thoughts expressed were:
– desire to learn the full story and what happened
– concern for their personal safety
– dismay that someone is going on a witch hunt / vigilante justice to settle a personal dispute
– desire not to have drama from 80 Walter Hardwick transplanted into our building
– thinking of how it might feel to have yourself bullied by a public note

I was really impressed with the maturity with which people discussed the issue.

Finally, the 11 answers to the “Do You Know…?” questions

  1. What are the 3 pillars of sustainability?
    A: Financial, Environmental, and Social
  2. Where is the muster station located?
    A: The grassy area (pocket park) between 122 WH and the Co-op. Apparently most buildings in the village have chosen the Bird Plaza as there muster station, so that area would be chaotic if an earthquake happened.
  3. What and where is the NEU?
    A: The Neighbourhood Energy Utility provides our heat and hot water and is located next to the Cambie Bridge.
  4. How to heat your suite effectively?
    A: Keep the dial between 11 and 1 o’clock. The heating system takes a long time to respond so don’t try to crank it on or off. Personally, we keep ours at 11 am during the winter, and off in the summer.
  5. Where to go online to find out what’s happening?
    A: If you’re here, you already know the answer to this question.
  6. Where and what is the purpose of the crossover floors?
    A: Officially the 4th/6th floor are crossover floors which are always accessible from the stair cases (for emergency purposes). Our building isn’t locked down, so every floor is accessible from the stair cases, and are in essence cross-over floors
  7. Where is the community garden? Who are the coordinators?
    A: 6th floor rooftop. Alyson, Barbara, and Chris.
  8. What to do if you are in need of maintenance?
    A: File a work order.
  9. What permission is required to barbeque?
    A: You need permission from all of your neighbours (each side, above, and below) and then talk to Earl Huff (COHO property manager).
  10. Where can tenants legally smoke outdoors in the village?
    A: Officially nowhere. You need to be 6 meters from every entrance and not in a park, which is impossible to find. Unofficially, the Bird Plaza is the best place to go.
  11. How do you use the HE (high efficiency) washing machines?
    A: Use laundry detergent with an HE symbol and don’t use too much (or it will get too soapy, hurt the machines, and cause mildew in your clothes).

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