Garden Update: It’s a Jungle Out There

Queen of the Community Garden
With all the rain, the garden is growing out of control. I hope everyone is harvesting their lettuce and kale. If we get some warm weather and sunshine, we should start to see the tomato plants producing. I’ve noticed the apple tree has fruit and the raspberry bushes are starting to produce as well. The current bushes are still being devoured by current worms, and there are slugs in some of the garden plots. The garden is full of life.

On the positive side, there’s now a hose on the roof. So once the rain stops and you have to water your garden, you won’t need to haul buckets of water from your unit.
Bushy Tomato Plants Raspberries Apples


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I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.
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