Building a Sustainable Tenant Community Meeting #4 Notes

Notice Boards
Based on feedback from those at the meeting, COHO will look into converting the middle picture in the lobby into a community notice board.

The compost bins on the 6th floor rooftop garden are to be be cleaned out and used by the gardeners for garden waste only. There isn’t enough capacity for kitchen waste from 101 units.

But if you’re looking for somewhere to take your kitchen scraps, Food Scraps Drop Spot (a partnership by the Farmer’s Market and Recycling Alternative) is looking to establish a pickup spot in the Olympic Village this summer. They already operate a successful program in the West End. Food scraps can be dropped off for a suggested $2 donation that covers transportation to a composting facility. The plan would be to collect kitchen waste on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings – possibly in the bird plaza or at the community centre. They’re looking for volunteers to help, so if you’re passionate about composting leave a comment here and I’ll pass on more information to you.

Rooftop Garden
Most of the 20 gardeners have plants in the ground, with the rest hoping to plant this weekend. A water line for a hose will be installed at some point this summer, but for now we need to haul watering cans full of water to the garden. Next week, (weather permitting) there will be construction done on the paving stones leading to the rooftop garden. Adult gardeners will provided access to the garden when the workers aren’t there (in the evenings after 5 pm and early in the morning), but no one else will be allowed on the roof until construction is done. Lastly, keys are being copied for a storage room for shared gardening tools.

Energy Systems
There will be several meetings over the next few weeks. They will help tenants to understand the energy systems and their statements. Next week, on May 24th, representatives from the NEU and Enerpro will be here. On May 31st and June 5th, there will be meetings to help you understand your Enerpro energy statement. You need to show up to the meeting to get your energy statement, and staff will be on hand to explain it to you one-on-one.

Lots of discussion on smoking. Smoking (including marijuana) is only allowed in the six smoking units, and only if the windows are closed. Those units are 311, 312, 411, 412, 511, and 512. Better signage will be placed in the areas where smoking is not allowed. An outdoor location where smokers (residents or guests) can smoke will be identified.

The rules about BBQs will be clarified. As far I understood, BBQs are allowed on balconies, as long as they use small propane tanks (no large tanks or briquettes). There will be a waiver released at some point that anyone with a barbecue will need to sign that releases COHO from any liability if your BBQ goes rogue.


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