Plotting the Community Garden

The community garden has been divided into plots. The map on the will give you an idea of what plot is yours and who your neighbours will be. The south-west section is a community area – if you have extra plants you want to share, feel free to plant them here. There are white sticks you can use to label your plants.

There are a few tools lying around that gardeners have left for shared use. Soon we’ll be getting access to a storage room that we’ll be able to store shared tools in.

It looks like we’ll be hauling our own water for the foreseeable future. No one has been able to find a hose hookup and the irrigation system used to water the other plants on the roof is dry (it wasn’t collecting rain water properly). I have a big, red watering can that I’m willing to share and fill up for people from my unit.

Limited Access
Our access to the roof may be limited at some point in the next few weeks. There is work to be done on the anchors, and possibly on the irrigation system as well. If this happens, we’ll do our best to ensure everyone’s plants are watered.

Parsley Plot Gardener Emily Hoeing My Bed Gardening is Hard Work Community Gardeners Lil' Gardener All Plotted Out Watering the Garden


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