Ready to Plant

Peter Kreuk Breaks Ground
The garden is almost ready to plant. On Saturday morning (around 11 am) we’ll stake out the plots and divide up the space. We’ll be creating 18 individual plots for gardeners plus a shared space for everyone including kids to enjoy. If you can’t make it Saturday morning and you have a preference about the size or location of your plot, leave a comment below.

Last night, landscape architects Peter Kreuk and Alain Lamontagne gave us a tour of the rooftop garden and its features. Our garden is bordered by rose bushes on the west, raspberry bushes on the south, and currants on the north and east (that cankerworkms are currently devouring – hopefully we’re going to take care of that organically). The soil on the roof is manufactured, organic soil – 18 inches to 2 feet deep. It’s really rich and will be excellent for growing almost anything. Our garden gets lots of direct sunlight. I’m looking forward to seeing what people plant. If you have any ideas, or want to share some tips, you can start a conversation in the comments below.

Paula will be working to resolve a few outstanding issues we have – access to water, access to storage space for shared tools, and working compost facilities. There are also a few plants (including a big grass bush) that still need to be removed. Until we get a hose hookup, we’ll have to carry in water from our units. I live in unit 602, and have a watering can people can use to transport water.

I hope to see everyone in the garden this weekend. If you can’t make it out on Saturday, I’ll send an email after we assign plots so everyone can start planting as soon as possible.

Happy gardening.



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3 Responses to Ready to Plant

  1. To get the discussion going, Emily and I are planning on planting some herbs, garlic, onions, chives, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. We’ve been growing tomatoes and peppers inside and are ready to transplant them this weekend.

  2. kim says:

    Rex and I would love a middle plot on the east side of the pathway, if possible. We plan on planting cherry tomatoes (hopefully an heirloom, indeterminate variety that continues to produce tomatoes over the whole season); arugula; kale; swiss chard; and maybe some zucchini if there’s any room left. We are off to the Trout Lake Farmers’ Market ( early on Saturday morning to find some lovely little seedlings. We’ll most likely plant these on Sunday or Monday evening.

  3. Adrienne & Emma says:

    Hi guys,
    Emma & I can’t make it today but save a plot for us! We’re not picky and we’re ready to get to planting tomorrow. Just let us know which plot is ours.

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