Gardening Pioneers

Garden Before and After
We had our first community garden work party today. A big thank you to the extremely hardworking individuals who dug and pulled out grasses and plants for over 3 hours to get the beds ready for planting. There is still a bit work to do, but most of the hard work is out of the way. If you weren’t able to make it today, be sure to thank the pioneers who were out there prepping the garden today.

Prepping the GardenHard Working Gardener

It was hard work (I’m already sore) but it was great to be out in the sun and working with my hands. The soil is really rich and I can’t wait to see what people grow.

Pioneer Gardeners Break Time Mountain of Grass

The next gardener meeting is Thursday at 6:30 when landscape architect Peter Kreuk will be giving a tour of the rooftop garden and telling us more about its features.


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