May 1 – Building a Sustainable Tenant Community Meeting Notes

In brief, there were 3 major things covered during tonight’s meeting.

Notice Boards
There are two cork boards being placed in the laundry room (in the back corner near the outside door). One will be a Community Events Board and one is a Tenant Notice Board. The Community Events Board is for interesting events taking place in the Olympic Village and beyond. The Tenant Notice Board is for lost/found, for sale listings, business cards, and notices of respectful concern (nicely worded complaints).

The idea is to have a physical space for tenants to communicate with each other. The notices and flyers we often post in the elevator would go here instead. Everyone is free to post on the boards – just include your contact information (name and unit #) and the date posted. Items will be removed after two weeks.

Community Garden
We’re setting up the a community garden on the 6th floor rooftop garden. We have 13 units already signed up for plots, and everyone is going to get a spot. If you haven’t responded, and are interested, you have until this weekend to register your interest (a comment on this post would suffice). We haven’t worked out the details yet, but some of the space will be divided into plots for the gardeners and some will be shared space. We have a mix of experienced and new gardeners, and this is the first time we’ll have a community garden on the roof, so this year is going to be a learning experience for everyone. Hopefully, we can come together as a community and make something grow.

Our first step for the community garden is to tear out the grass and plants that were planted there temporarily. We’ll be having work parties sometime during the next two weekends (weather permitting).

On May 10th, landscape architect Peter Kreuk will be here to give residents a tour of the rooftop garden and explain how it works, what is planted there, and give advice about the garden. Attendance is strongly recommended for gardeners.

Farewell to Lynda
This is Lynda’s (our friendly resource at COHO) last week. She’s moving to Ontario and will be missed. Julia is her replacement.


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