Park Upgrades

Hinge Park and Creekside are getting upgrades this summer. Beyond that, we have improvements to the seawall and a Creekside extension to look forward to in the future.

Hinge Park


  • new swings
  • sand play area
  • ready May 2017

Creekside Park Playground

Creekside Park New Playground

  • play tower
  • zip line
  • basket swing
  • climbing wall
  • ready May 2017

The Creek


  • unnamed park south of Science World
  • 2.7 acre public park
  • once Navio at the Creek development east of Olympic Village is done
  • fall 2018?

Creekside Park Extension


  • under design in 2017
  • 22.8 acres
  • tied to demolition of viaducts
  • probably not until 2024
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New Manager of Tenant Relations


SUCCESS has a new Manager of Tenant Relations for our building.  The best news I’ve had all year.

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Beaver Carnage

Beaver Carnage

A little chicken wire does nothing to stop the ravaging False Creek beavers.

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Smelly Toilet Water

On Thursday we noticed a foul smell coming from our bathroom. It took a while to identify the toilet as the cause. The water (after flushing) smelled like raw sewage and had a black tint to it.

According to the notice posted in the building, the rainwater collection system is being repaired and chlorine has been added to the purification system to “assist with the current odour”.

The new water coming in is already much clearer, but there is still a lingering smell in our bathroom. A smelly black film has built up in our toilet tank. Has anyone else had luck getting rid of it? I took a toilet brush to the parts I could easily scrub but it still looks pretty gross. I’m not sure the chemicals alone will clear it up.

Toilet Tank

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Gardening 2016

Garden 2016

Another successful year of rooftop gardening for all the tenants involved. This year, there are even pumpkins.


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Pokemon Plaza

They’re going to have to replace the sparrows with Pikachus becuase Pokemon Go has officially taken over the Olympic Village plaza.

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Balcony Cleaning

Balcony Before

Balcony Before

Balcony After

Balcony After

Black Tie Property Services did an excellent job power washing the balconies. Really happy with how clean our balcony is now.

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